Thursday, March 1, 2007

What does Financial Management include

We know what is financial management. It's a personal decision in making wise choices about our cash. Financial management involves a lot of areas. Here, I list out 5 of the most important areas that you should know.

These are the main areas you should concentrate because it is these areas that we either mismanaged our money, or it will enable money to work for us.

The following are the key areas that you should look at:

Cash flow management

This involves assessing your current net financial net worth (what you own minus what you owe). This should generally tell you whether you are on your way to financial freedom or financial disaster.

In short, most financial experts would advise you to keep a high savings and this should be your MAIN PRIORITY in financial planning.

Investment planning

Once you have decided the amount of money you would like to save, you should consider where to put your savings with the aim of getting a higher returns than your normal savings account.

Forget the 2% p.a. interests for saving. You require something more sophisticated than that! At a minimum, you should go for fixed deposits. Otherwise, a good investment program will be nice.

Insurance planning

Insurance planning is required to in ensure that all your properties are protected and that your family members are well protected by having enough insurance coverage.

Tax planning

The topic of tax planning affects everyone who receives income, yet it is an area that is mainly forgotten or forgotten by most individuals. Therefore, this area involves strategies making the most under the local tax regulation in the area of your income, stocks, real estate, and property.

Retirement planning

You are not going to toil your whole life, are you? When old age symptoms begin to kick in or you have reached the mandatory retirement age, you will want to retire. There is no choice.

Therefore, having a retirement plan regardless of of your age is essential! You wouldn't want to be forced to go back to work due to lack of money!

Estate planning

Having an estate plan or a will shall ensure that your wishes for the future are carried out. In addition, an estate plan or a will can supply financial protection for your family, ensure your property is preserved and keep off dispute among family members.

The above are just 5 of the many other financial decisions. It is important to take note of your above 5 becasue they are mainly responsible for your financial success or failure.

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