Monday, March 12, 2007

Let Your House Generate Cash for You - Take Out a Homeowner Loan

The lending business is one of the oldest businesses of the world. Right from the ancient times, there have been people who have more money than what they require and those who require more money than what they have. People with surplus money, called lenders, offer it to those, called borrowers, who need it. In return, borrowers give lenders an amount, known as interest, along with the original loan amount.

The lending business is still thriving with some changes. Unlike ancient times when the rates of interest were very high, lenders today offer loans at reasonable rates of interest. Unlike ancient times when only the poor would take out a loan, even well to do people require loans nowadays. You may need more money than what you earn even if you are quite well off.

If you are a homeowner, it must be very frustrating that you cannot get anything out of your house which is worth over £100,000. But now, lenders have something that may help you. Your house can fetch you some money without getting sold or leased. There are many lenders who offer loans against a house. Such loans are known as homeowner loans. A Homeowner Loan is a secured loan, i.e. if you default in repayment, your house may be repossessed by the lender.

The amount of loan that you can get depends upon the equity in your house. If your house is already mortgaged and the value of your house has increased, then you can take out a loan against this increased value. This type of homeowner loan is called a home equity loan. The rate of interest on a homeowner loan will depend upon your credit score. If you have a good credit rating, the lender will charge a low rate of interest. A bad credit homeowner loan, on the other hand, carries a high rate of interest.

There are so many purposes for which you can take out a homeowner loan. Because of carrying a low rate of interest, a homeowner loan is ideal for debt consolidation. You can use it in repaying high rate loans and credit card dues. It can also be used for home improvement, to pay college fees, to finance a holiday trip, and much more.

About the Author: The author is a business writer specializing in finance and credit products and has written authoritative articles on the finance industry. He has done his masters in Business Administration and is currently assisting Loans11 as a finance specialist.